Your site, safe

and secure.

Monitor your site and manage 
your day in one web portal.

We integrate with existing or we install new CCTV cameras.

Forsight’s artificial intelligence algorithms analyze camera feeds
in real time.

When an issue is detected the proper stakeholder
is automatically alerted.

All footage is kept and cataloged in our dashboard as a single source of truth.

Construction Safety

Ensure proper worker use of personal protective
equipment (PPE) & detect dangerous site conditions.

Detect personal protective equipment adherence.

Daily and monthly reports and statistics.

Detect proximity to fall hazards.

Intelligent geofences keep workers and equipment out of unsafe areas.

Construction Security

Detect and prevent site intrusion and arson.

AI detects and differentiates between worker, intruder and motion in real-time.

Detect smoke and fire.

Draw security geofences with intelligent rules.


Document, communicate and share important information across teams, locations and create time-lapses from any camera, any time.


Detect social distancing and PPE.


Track trends on your site.